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Pandemic Shutdown Paper Bag Mask Project

Updated: Jul 18, 2021


August 2020

Due to the Pandemic, the MCA regretfully made the decision to cancel the annual summer art show; however, of this decision was born a new creative, socially distant exhibit that featured the work of our patrons, near and far. The MCA sent out a call for paper bag masks. Inspired by the work of Saul Steinberg's own 1950's Paper Bag Mask project and our current times of mask-mandates, we asked for any submissions that used a paper bag to create a unique creative visual identity. The result was a wide range assortment of pieces created by people of all ages and abilities, and from as far away as Tokyo, New York City, Paris, Canada, and of course, VT.

Scroll through the images below to view a gallery of the incredible work put forth by some amazing individuals. Click on a picture to view larger.

MCA Creative Director Sebastian Arujo and Programming Director Melissa Haberman curated a fantastic curbside display of the work during the first week of August on the steps of the MCA.

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