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Suggested activities that are appropriate for the MCA venue:

  • Vitality & Wellbeing:  dance training; flowing & centering movement; fitness…

  • Educational: presentations or workshops that builds community and/or individual vitality and wellbeing; that provide information for community safety and growth; that provide skills, knowledge, and learning of a variety of art media….

  • Social & Cultural:  dances, concerts, musicals, plays, dramatic presentations, films, lectures, readings….

  • Arts-focused:  workshops, classes, exhibits, demonstrations….

  • Weddings, Receptions, Business Conferences, & Private Special Events

  • Note: The Board of Directors has sole responsibility for determining the qualifications of proposed activities.  

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    The MCA is currently revisiting the rental rates for use of the space. Revised rates will be posted as soon as they are determined.

    The rate for Private Functions such as weddings, parties, conferences, etc. is to be determined by the Board based on interval, attendance, occasion, and circumstance.

    [Summer = May 30th - Sept 30th]

    [Winter = Oct 1st - May 29th]

    --All events require a deposit of written check or money order for $100.

    See details in the “Building Cleanliness and Care” section of the contract.

    --If you have an event that meets the mission of the MCA and for which you or your group are willing to split proceeds with the MCA, the Board will consider endorsing the event and will waive the rental fee. If that is the case, please submit an application with a request stating that intent. 

    Note: There is NO activity charge for municipal organizations, such as: the Rec Center, Fire Dept., Conservation Commission, Rescue Dept., Library, Hectorville Bridge Committee, Community Garden. 

    Availability to these groups for a one-time use must be approved by the Board of Directors at a monthly meeting and reflected in the minutes.

    Rates are subject to annual evaluation and may change according to Board vote. Contracts will be emailed to applicants to be filled out and submitted once application has been reviewed and accepted. 

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