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It takes a lot to keep the MCA operational: volunteers, grants applications, time and physical efforts, thoughtful campaigning and event organizing, and fundraising.

The MCA is housed in a historic building that is expensive to maintain and keep open, and to do so, among other things we rely on donations. Efforts are always in the works to improve the efficiency and accessibility of the building and to fund programming events on the calendar. Our volunteer Directors are regularly applying for grants to help support these efforts, but every dollars helps keep us running. At the moment, there are no paid employees and ALL FUNDS RAISED go towards the fund of your choice:

the GENERAL FUND --which pays for utilities, programming support, and operational expenses--

... or ...

the RESTORATION INITIATIVE --which funds efforts to preserve the building--

So if you are in a position to donate, we are grateful for every contribution.

Select the fund you would like to support by clicking a button below....

If you are not in a position to donate at this moment but are interested in supporting the MCA, we are always looking for support with weekend Gallery docents (sign up for a shift HERE), maintenance and clean-up tasks, membership drives, grant applications, etc.

So send us an email if you'd like to donate your time instead!

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