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Are you interested in community service? Education? Arts and Wellness? Consider volunteering in 2024 for one of the newly developed MCA programming committees listed below.

The MCA will be open for a winter season starting January 1st of 2024; the first winter since the Covid shutdown. With the increased programming potential and year-round hours paired with the assessments from the community, the Board introduces a restructuring of the organization that we hope will creative an inclusive environment at the MCA that reaches a broader regional audience.

Starting in 2024, there will be a collection of independent committees to coordinate community outreach in specific sectors of use of the MCA. These committees are detailed as follows:


for coordinating classes, camps, and workshops specific

to art education for children ages 0-17.


for coordinating classes and workshops

specific to art education for adults ages 18+.


a group of adolescents between 12-17 y.o.

(with one or more adult affiliates) for developing programming that

specifically serves adolescent development and social well-being.


for coordinating classes and workshops specific to

body and mind wellness.


for coordinating events and programs that serve

the community in a broad socio-economic capacity.

(Potlucks, music performances/lessons, markets,

food-drives, chess-tournaments, you name it...)


for coordinating events and programs that feature literacy development, promotion, or publishing exposition.

The members of these committees will operate symbiotically with the MCA by applying the mission, policies around building use, and rental fee structure, but will function separately from the Board of Directors, coordinating their own programming agendas. Members of the committees will not need to take on the additional responsibilities that come with running an organization and maintaining an old building, but instead should focus on program development and outreach. The committees will meet and operate independently from the Board of Directors on their own self-determined schedule as is convenient to members and will develop their own independent programming itinerary. Committees will have access to a communal calendar in order to reserve available times and will have posting permission for our FB page to promote events. We encourage cross-participation for anyone interested in serving on multiple committees.

If you think we are missing a prospective committee theme, we encourage you to recruit similar-minded individuals and propose your ideas to the Board. We know that everyone’s time is valuable and limited, and we encourage participants to honor their capacities and choose to commit as much or as little as suits your schedule. The Committees can opt to meet monthly or quarterly or otherwise, remotely or in-person. Our only requirement for participation is that you are respectful, community-oriented, and open-minded.

If you are interested in participating in serving on one or more of these committees, or if you have further questions,

please send us an email at

The current Board of Directors consists of 5 core members who will continue to serve in their primary administrative roles in order to facilitate the general maintenance, upkeep, and legal obligations associated with running a non-profit, but we are seeking to diversify the face of the programming network of the organization by passing some of the accountability for building use to you as our peer community members. It is you, after-all, who are the audience served by the MCA as patrons, hosts, and attendees. We hope that the creation of this structuring will enable a broader use of the MCA and will promote a more diverse group of voices in the programming that is offered in the space.

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