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MES student show art installation of ornamental table setting with student pottery
Decorative layout of MCA Gallery space
Gallery installation

The MCA had a wonderful Summer season of Gallery Shows. We featured local and long-distance artists and collections, and had wonderful community attendance to our space. Visit the MCA blog for pictures and descriptions of this years exhibits. If you are an artist interested in showing your work, please email us with a sample of your portfolio at


The MCA recognizes the accessibility limitations of our old building. Restorations efforts that address accessibility are on our radar for future renovations. For the time being, if you have accessibility needs please contact with a description of your access request at least 24 hours prior to your visit so that we may arrange accommodations to assist your attendance. We want all community members to have the privaledge to enjoy access to the arts, and will do our best to support your needs. 



... On Break ...

The MCA is taking a stick-season reprieve to clean up and winterize the building in anticipation of re-opening for winter programming. After being closed for winter since Covid shut-downs, the MCA is so excited to once again provide our space for public use year-round! We hope to fill the rooms with classes and workshops, art shows, events, and community participation. If you have a proposal for a Gallery Show or Performance, we hope you will submit your application and make good use of the building!

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon for winter at the MCA!

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