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Book Launch "Ron & the Partridge"

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Chris Young of Jay VT and Avery Ellis of Montgomery have joined forces to write and illustrate the children’s book “Ron and The Partridge”.

On Saturday, September 10th, the MCA hosted a book launch and print show to share this beautiful book with the public. The gallery exhibited many of the process prints from Avery's work illustrating the story, and the real-life Ron was present to read the story to an attentive audience. A live-art watercolor painting table invited guests to create their own nature inspired artworks, and the author and illustrator gave a presentation on the development of the book from concept to creation.

The beautiful illustrations will be on view in our gallery for two weekends. Sept. 10&11 and17&18. Chris will be selling copies of his book and Avery will be selling copies of her artwork.

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