We are very pleased to announce that the Montgomery Center for the Arts, after many months of groundwork, applications, and patience, has received our Federal Non-Profit Status!

Our mission has always been intended for the historical preservation of our iconic building, but more importantly to the facilitation of community oriented wellness, education, and social causes. In economic terms, our new status allows us to use tax-exempt revenues and donations to further achieve our goals. The MCA has always functioned with a volunteer Board of Directors who, along with citizen volunteers, strive to create a diverse schedule of events and classes available to the public. We hold our organization to a standard of accountability, openness, and interest in and for every person who invests their time, money, and confidence in our purpose. Our newly acquired status further supports our position and our ambitions. 

We encourage all visitors and patrons of the MCA to consider becoming a Member. Membership encourages further participation, provides a mode for regular tax-deductible donations for patrons interested in supporting our cause, and contributes to the upkeep and programming of the MCA. Donors who contribute any amount are automatically considered MCA members and are invited to join us at our Annual Membership Meetings. Hosts of workshops, classes, or events are automatically considered MCA members, as well. The MCA also welcomes material donations, and will gladly accept contributions of cleaning supplies, toilet paper, furniture (with approval), paint, food or drink for events, or anything you think we may need or use (with approval). We are grateful for any and all contributions, great or small. Fiscal donors of $100+ will receive a letter of acknowledgment for tax filing purposes. All other donations are received with gratitude; please request a receipt if necessary.

We encourage you to use PayPal as a quick and easy method for donating or send a check to our Post Office Box address listed below. Please make checks payable to

The Montgomery Center for the Arts

We encourage you to include your email address with your donation so that we may send you updates, invitations, and our newsletter. 


Thank you to everyone who has helped make this process possible!